What do you think it means if an agent joins a real estate company and stays with that same company for the remainder of their career?  That's what JDA agents do.  They come and they stay.  There must be something special about that company.  Right?  Read on to see what makes JDA Realty the most agent friendly company in the state.  


First, a little about us.  JDA Realty is and has always been a small intimate company.   JDA does not throw out a big net and gather in the masses.  However, JDA is always willing to talk to agents about joining our group.   If this sounds like a company with which you might like to associate then the following letter is for you.


Are you a new agent or thinking about becoming a real estate agent?  Are you a seasoned agent and considering making a move?  Are you an inactive licensed agent thinking about activating? Or are you just browsing and ended up on this page by coincidence.  No matter what stage of your real estate career you are in, I would like to talk to you.

JDA is not for everyone.  If you like the feel of a big company and the politics and pressures that go with it, then you need to look elsewhere.  On the other hand, if you like the idea of belonging to an organization that treats you like family, cares about you as an individual, and provides you with all the tools you need to be successful, give me a call.  

Consider these advantages of being a JDA agent.

   *No extra fees to pay your Broker...We let you keep your hard earned commissions

   *Part time agents are welcome

   *Start at industry high commission rates

   *No need to pay for company training classes...We mentor our new agents

   *No meetings to attend...A couple times a year we may meet for lunch or a fun day at my lake house

    *JDA is a virtual real estate company...We utilize electronic communication and all its advantages

    *You can live anywhere in the state of Georgia and be a JDA agent.


Read the BLOG on this web site to learn more about JDA Realty and what we stand for.



JUDY DIADDIGO  770-519-1922 


An Invitation From JDA'S Broker