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Judy Diaddigo started JDA Realty in 1985 with a vision for a new kind of real estate company;  a company that has a personal relationship with its clients and customers.  When Buyers and Sellers choose JDA to be their real estate broker they know they will be treated as an individual not a future commission check.  JDA is small by design and powerful by resolve.

For over three decades Judy Diaddigo, the qualifying broker for JDA Realty,  has kept her company successful  by staying on the cutting edge of the real estate industry. 


*In honor of JDA's accomplishments in on-site sales Mrs. Diaddigo traveled to Houston Texas to receive a sales manager of the year award from the National Association of Home Builders Sales and Marketing Council.










*When Fortune 500s and many other large and small companies rushed to Georgia and headquartered in Atlanta and the surrounding area, JDA altered its focus from new home sales to corporate relocation.


*When Buyer representation was legalized JDA became the first company in the state of Georgia to exclusively represent the Buyer.  While big-business real estate companies continued to resist, JDA Realty led the way.


*In an article called THE PERKS OF WORK the Atlanta Journal Constitution cited Judy Diaddigo and JDA Realty for generous incentives awarded to JDA agents for achievement.















*Today JDA is again leading the real estate industry.  This time into the world of virtual reality. 


In addition to having the advantage of all that modern technology has to offer, JDA Realty will never lose sight of the singlemost important aspect of business...its respect for people. There will always be a demand for outstanding service. Nothing replaces the personal relationship JDA agents have with their clients. 

JDA REALTY...No branches, just deep roots




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